A little under four and a half years ago, this crazy little thing called #CannaTruths - starting as a seed in the soil of ending the war on weed and propaganda-filled prohibition of drugs , and more specifically, the war on American citizens who are judged and jailed due to simply showing support for or using (as a medicine, for recreation, or a combination of the two) a miracle plant that has been here since the beginning of time - began to grow.

CannaTruths Website.

And as of 4:20 p.m. Central Time in Central Texas on this 11th day of May 2016, the complete RE-legalization [check your facts if y'all are confused] of the plant has yet to occur (for further educational material on flushing facts from fiction, the Canntruths website has more detail.

But there's hope on the horizon.

I,Denton Ramsay, host and creator of a plant podcast easily obtainable through the tremendous outlet of iTunes and played through numerous airwaves that crisscross international lines was very fortunate - thanks to a plethora of unexplainable events that, to this very day, I still can't even begin to ascribe any real rhyme, reason, or how behind the actual occurrence taking place - am be able to both watch and witness in wild wonder in #TheMileHigh when the first cannabis "stores" opened on a beautifully crisp and cool New Year's morning of 2014.

Debut days of Canna Truths.

From those Christmas Eve Texas-born 2011 debut days of #CannaTruths in a memory-filled Baylor-based apartment master bedroom - armed with a voice, pen, paper, an iPhone, blunt facts, high energy and emotionally-driven desire to educate the unaware masses - in Waco, to the opening weeks of a drastically different Denver, Colorado two years later, major hurdles had already been jumped.

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Donald Trump

11 States still adhere to prohibition.

Two years since THAT time, ONLY 11 states in America still adhere to both jurisdiction and complete prohibition of the plant (want more FACTS on the subject? Search for Ramsay's cannatruths.

Yes; you're reading that right: there are only 11 states that DO NOT have SOME form of decriminalization, partial legalization, or full legalization law in place regarding growing, obtaining, or partaking a God-given beautiful medicinal plant called cannabis.

Wake up, America.

Jump on the truth train before the tracks come off on this wild and windy ride and roll to end prohibition; one that WILL one day in the very near future end with smoke-filled signals in the States and beyond with peace-pipes and burnt offerings being inhaled and exhaled worldwide celebrating victory -- a victory that has already begun.

Many miracle moments.

I saw MANY miracle moments while cruising my tad over three-month happy high Colorado adventure: from dabs, globs, rigs, edibles, and extract parties that would make even homegrown hippies and daily-use stoners of the world's heads spin, to learning and experiencing growing this absolutely amazing and gorgeous gift. The first coming to fruition with preparation and beginning phases in bedroom-sized basement rooms, with two-by-fours properly screwed or nailed into place on the ceiling for safe and secure grow-light hanging, to walking final phases of what appeared to be never-ending rows and grows galore in warehouses producing sweet sensimilla to the cannabis-approved citizens of Coloradowere amazing

So, guys; only one question remains: simply said, #whatsnext?

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