I know that Baywatch was a popular movie in my era, in the 90's, but who could ever forget the infamous red swimsuits that covered the babes of Baywatch.It was a time of big hair, and beautiful people, who saved lives. The most popular of all the babes was Pamela Anderson. She was the babe that other women idolized, and men fantasized about. The ideal of perfection in many people's eyes.


That name will always be remembered for the most popular show around. The shooting of the new Baywatch movie, is set to have a set release of May 2017,and is already in the works. The amazing actor Dwayne Johnson, will be replacing his wrestling talents with acting and producing in the new film.

Kelly Rohrbach, who was once linked to actor Leonardo DiCaprio, andis featured in the movie, Café Society,will be playing Pamela Anderson's part as CJ Parker. The question remains of whether there is anyone that can play that part as well as Pamela Anderson. She was the reigning actress in the 90's, of the popular movie,due to her sex appeal, and defining beauty. She dominated that role like no other, and will always be known as the ultimate Baywatch babe of all time.

Will the new CJ Parker measure up to the old?

I'm sure that as time moves on, Pamela Anderson will always be remembered as thebabe of Baywatch.She is stillpresently knowntoday as the blonde bombshell.She will always hold that title, until the end of time.Model Kelly Rohrbach,who is a stunner in her own right, does resemble Pamela Anderson in a lot of ways, withher gorgeous figure, youthful looks, and gorgeous blonde hair, but shedoesn't hold the throne.

This may be a new era for fans to see if she has what it takes to take the lead, and may give Kelly a chance to show the world what talent she has in taking over the legendary role. In many people'seyesthough, there will always be one CJ Parker, andthat is Pamela Anderson, the beauty that never fade; the only babe that will always be known in the red suit.

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