I have recently read on various news websites about Google’s new patented technology regarding cyborg lenses for people with eye problems, which could eventually replace basic lenses or glasses, or work as a telescope or microscope.

A new world vision.

As farfetched as this may sound, I wonder how the lenses can be used as a futuristic technology. Imagine if the services provided by Google could be accessed through this type of technology. Such cyborg lenses could, in fact, lead us to a more complex way of interacting with one another and with our environment as well.

Remember those sci-fi movies with endless cities and never-ending skyscrapers, with flying cars passing by the floating screens filled with information? What if cyborg lenses gave us a whole new vision of the world in a futuristic way, based on the floating information seen only in movies nowadays?

You could see directions right in front of your eyes.

Imagine how information could be downloaded to your lenses everywhere you go; imagine walking down a street and being able to actually see the street’s name on any corner of your personal view thanks to the attached lenses operating like a GPS system.

Such technology would be amazing for people who usually get lost in a big city. Imagine you passed near a store and the lenses were capable of collecting data on the environment and of presenting you with information about that store, such as the type of store, the schedule, full address, the availability of products, and the special daily offers.

Socializing would be taken to a new level.

What if a network between lens users was developed and people were able to see information about one another in the form of pop-up messages above their heads?

Just like any other social platform nowadays, befriending someone would give you the opportunity to find out more about that person, giving you the chance to skip the long discussions like “where are you from?” or “what’s your favorite food?” Such information would already be available above the head of everybody using cyborg lenses. The lenses would be able to detect other people’s lenses and actually display the available information above each person, just like in the video games these days.

If such concept was to become reality.

At this point, such concepts are not so far away from becoming a reality, as technology has reached incredible stages of development. These types of information are already easily accessible through our computers, smartphones, tablets and even high-end watches. Why not also use cyborg lenses in the cases when information would be returned faster, right in front of our eyes?

There are pain-points.

I am aware of the pain-points to such concepts, such as the fact that this type of technology can actually be used against us, as regular users might become an easy target for hackers, pinpointing our actual locations, or even worse. It is nonetheless a futuristic idea that may bring us closer to the future we once dreamt about while watching those thought-provoking sci-fi movies.

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