In America we are living under a tyrannical government ruled by oligarchs. The 2016 primary has exposed the corruption in election process. The two parties made it clear, the voters will not choose the candidates, their billionaire funders will. It is time to drain the swamp.

Ryan vs. Trump

Donald Trump secured the nomination by winning primaries and caucuses across the nation. Yet, Paul Ryan the GOP Convention Chair told CNN’s Jake Tapper he is unwilling to support the candidate.

That response by Ryan prompted Pat Buchanan to write a piece.In the piece called “Who Promoted Private Ryan?” Buchanan refers to Ryan’s statement as millennial teen-talk spoken by our “Hamlet of the House.”

Buchanan points out that Trump has won in national contests whereas Ryan has never won a statewide election let alone a national election.On CNN Sarah Palin the former governor of Alaska and John McCain’s 2008 running mate said Ryan has disrespected the will of the people.

“I think Paul Ryan is soon to be 'Cantored,' as in Eric Cantor.” Palin was referring to the former GOP house whip Eric Cantor who lost his reelection bid in 2014 in a stunning upset.

According to Think Progress, Cantor spent more than 13 years in congress and was known as “Wall Street’s Bagman” advancing the agenda of Wall Street investment firms.After the voters rejected Cantor, he secured a $1.4 million signing bonus and a $2 million annual compensation package from Moelis & Co an investment bank. Sweet deal, can you say quid pro quo?

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Donald Trump

Lindsay Graham's quid pro quo

According to Blasting News, Senator Lindsey Graham has pulled a sleight of hand hoping no one will notice Graham’s failed presidential bid was fundeded by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson whose near-singular focus is banning online gambling.Apparently to payback Adelson, Senator Grahaminserted language into an appropriation bill that would ban internet gambling in all 50 states. This measure has strong grass-roots opposition as well aslittle support on Capitol Hill from members of Congress.

Quid pro quo Kentucky Style

Kentucky’s new Republican Governor Matt Bevin ran on a religious quid pro quo platform. According to the Courier Journal at the time Bevin was running for office there were two religious cases winding their way through Kentucky’s court system.One case involved extending $18 million in state tax breaks for Answers in Genesis’ religious theme park which plans to limit hiring to Christians only.

Bevin campaigned promising to secure $18 million in tax breaks for the biblical theme park called Noah’s Park.The park is the pet project of Australian-born Christian Fundamentalist Ken Ham president of Answers in Genesis.According to Sean Delaney at Blasting News, Bevin is serving his paymasters well.Bevin slashed Kentucky’s budget for colleges and universities resulting in tuition hikes and layoffs to pay for expansion of I-75 where Ham’s Ark Encounter amusement park is located.

In addition to the $18 million in tax breaks Bevin has earmarked $62 million in TIF bonds to pay for the construction.TIF or Taxpayer Increment Financing are used in “blighted” communities to attract developers to revitalize the area. Developers receive interest free loans, then rather than the property taxes going back to the community, the tax revenue is diverted to pay off the loan. If the project fails, the developers are off the hook and investors and taxpayers must repay the loan. The 800 acres for parking surrounding the park are not part of the non-profit park, but privately owned.

Ryan’s career has been bankrolled by the Koch Brothers who are amassing a war chest for “Team Ryan” should a brokered convention occur. Ryan's budgets have slashed critical social programs like SNAP, VA benefits, Social Security, Medicaid while lavishing tax cut on billionaires making Ryan the ideal quid pro quo candidate.

The American people are sick of quid pro quo government, it’s time to drain the swamp.

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