Shape - I love that you have more control over your nail shape and can pretty much have them as long or short as you like. which is very freeing.

Quality - The quality and look you get with acrylic is amazing if it is done right, I usually get gel nail polish to make them last even longer. I usually can make mine last up to three to four weeks without any nails breaking.

Look - The look and style of acrylic adds so much to your overall look. It makes your fingers look super long and skinny, jewelry is accentuated further, and it really rounds out and completes your look.


Price - The amount of money I drop in a year on my nails is ridiculous.

We are talking anywhere from $40 - $60 a month... around $480 - $720 a year! It is a lot of money, but considering I don't spend much on pampering myself... I think it is worth it.

Impractical -- Some could say acrylic nails are hard to function with if you have a lifestyle where your hands are needed for work. I try to not get mine too long because I can hardly type. But you do find ways to get around these problems. Yet I can still never get my necklaces on because I can't open the clasp. That's frustrating

Unnatural Look -- You either love or hate the look of acrylic nails. It took me a while to get around to wearing them. I personally loved having short nails as far as looks go... but the older I get the more I love long nails.

Sometimes I do see people that have awful acrylic nails and it makes me cringe. If it is not done right it looks terrible and completely fake.

Overall, I have been loving these kinds ofnails. Partly due to my age but over rtime I will go back to a more natural look. I think acrylic nails are really fun to play around with the shapes and style of your nails.

Motto of life is do what makes you happy! There are pros and cons to everything in life, but if you can overcome the cons I say go for those outrageously long nails. You only live once. You can find moretrends with nail artand have fun with it.

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