Americans, we in Italy often look at you as a model; we still thank you for our freedom after WWII, our economy depends on yours, we might not always see eye-to-eye, but we respect you. That's why we are having a difficult time understanding how Trump can be the new rising star of your political galaxy.


When I read about his political campaign, as an Italian, I have a constant feeling of deja-vu: because we have been there and, you remember, you used to laugh (rightfully so) at our politicians. So before all is said and done, let me refresh your memory on what you might be signing up for.

Walls, walls everywhere

So you want a wall on the Mexican border, huh? Our Lega Nord (one of the most racist parties in Italy) would love that too, if it wasn't that our immigrants come from the sea, mostly.

Donal Trump, creative commons via Wikipedia
Donal Trump, creative commons via Wikipedia

With their racism, their slogans against refugees that are too shameful to write them down, did they obtain to stop immigration? No, they didn't, and thankfully so since our economy is deeply dependent on immigrants' work, immigrants we too often exploit and too seldom integrate. What have they achieved so far, along with their voters who bought in "the immigrants come to steal our jobs," oblivious to the fact that they are actually taking frequently the jobs we do not want to do?


Only to prevent a serious, calm and constructive dialogue on immigration.

Is there a problem with immigration: yes, of course. Are these blatantly discriminatory speeches making it go away? No, they are not.

Americans, you have a long history of welcoming immigrants: your whole country was made by immigrants

Do not change that. Times have changed, some adjustments might be needed, but do not fall into the trap of cheap propaganda. There is no easy solution and walls do not solve the problems. We have some experience about it in Europe, don't we?

Traditional family: are you for real?

When I follow your debate on the use of bathrooms for transgender people, I am truly amazed at how advanced your civil rights are. We, in Italy, are barely scraping the surface of the same sex-marriage. Sure, having the Vatican plugged in the middle of the country does not help progressive policies, but even more dangerous to the development of civil rights have been all the champions of the traditional family sitting in the Parliament.


All of them rigorously married multiple times and, as you remember, also interested in the entertainment provided by underage girls (Bunga-Bunga, anyone?).

That's why when I saw the clip of Trump lashing out at the same-sex marriage, I shivered: even only reopening the discussion is a dramatic step back, why would you do that? Have your lives become so worse after the same-sex marriages were allowed that you want to repel this right? They haven't, am I wrong?


Women: we can think, too

Trump has so often belittled and humiliated women that I lost count of all his statements: I remember him addressing some women as "bimbo," stating that women need to resort to their sex-appeal to be hired, insulting his opponents with creepy definition, belittling the issue of rape in the Army and so on so forth.

Now, you might remember the parties that our former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi used to host at his residences, no?

And you might recall that time when a young woman asked him what she would need to have a fulfilling career and he answered she should marry a rich man, do you? And there are plenty more examples in our recent political history of his "jokes."

Now think back to a few years ago: weren't you offended by his behavior? Weren't you laughing at a country ruled by such a womanizer? Yes, right, you were. Now, you do not want to become the next country to have his ambassadors apologizing for the offenses of your President to foreign women.

So, please come back to your senses, put that voting stuff down, take a deep breath and go back to being the progressive nation you showed us you could be in the last years.

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