I Googled it. I Xeroxed it. Toyota should be a verb,too. I Toyotaed it. The meaning will be mass-produced perfectly.

Toyota Should be a Verb

Toyota makes cars and trucks so exceedingly well, that when another company mass produces a large number of products with high quality people should say they Toyotaed it.

The Camry, the Corolla and now the Highlander Hybrid are unrivaled.

When I was in high school, our mascot was called the Highlander. Perhaps we didn't know any better but we were intensely loyal to our school and by extension our mascot.

I lived in Japan for nearly 20 years. And I drove Toyotas in Japan.

When I returned to the States nearly 20 years ago ... yup, a Toyota Corolla was my first car. Another loyalty earned, this time by Toyota, and kept, by me.

Highlander Loyalty Then and Now

The 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited Plat V6 AWD is easy to want to keep around, too.

It's big, but feels small. The car will seat 7 very comfortably. My wife and I in the front. Her parents mid-ship, and my daughter can stretch out in the 3rd row.

The dashboard is NOT overwhelming. And that's a compliment, to be sure. The screen size is integrated well and is flush with the dashboard instead of jutting out. And there are not an endless number of buttons to push to make things happen. I felt, well, um, comfortable, in control.

Hybrids have Power, too!

I always thought hybrids were weak, power constrained. Not so with this Toyota Highlander Hybrid V6 Plenty of get up and go without compromising on mileage. Can you say 28 MPG combined city and highway?

The Bluetooth test - I had my cell phone connected in less than 20 seconds.

To be sure, not all new cars are so friendly.

The golf club test - I have in the past had to decide between my kid’s car seat and my golf clubs. No dad should ever be faced with such a moral dilemma. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid? Plenty of room.

Obligatory feedback - the auto open and close of the rear hatch seemed clunky to me.

Several times I could not get the hatch to open. It's not that hard ... hold the button and up it comes. Push the button and down it goes. But for some reason, the hatch wouldn't operate that painlessly for me. It would get stuck partially open or just not respond to my button pushing. Same trouble closing it. I still don't know why.

If I knew my in-laws were going to live forever, I'd be sorely tempted to get me a Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

Specifications: In the images above.

Price as driven: $51,385.

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