When it comes to sport, any type of it, there are various discussions revolving around its benefits. Nowadays, one of the most popular sports is definitely Tennis. Intensely covered by the media, it became one of the most practiced recreational activities. Onan individual level, sports vary depending on their complexity, on the physical and mental effort required. There are some sports that are more dynamic, and others with limited requirements. By its very definition, sport represents an activity (for recreational or performance purposes) which mainly implies physical effort, but also mental struggling.

Reasons why we should play tennis

Tennis is one of those sports requiring all the skill, ingenuity, and physical endurance that a player may have.

According to the USTA (the United States Tennis Association), tennis is an excellent means to develop your ability to focus, and to make time-sensitive decisions. Italsohelps you to improve your reaction time, as well as eye-hand coordination. Moreover, within the sphere of activities regarding the intellect, by playing tennis, you can develop other skills as well: the capacity to change a (playing) strategy depending on the available data (in this case the types of opponents, their manner of playing, of serving or of returning a ball over the net).

Additionally, tennis is a sport focused on the respect shown to the opposite side.

Hence the seemingly draconian rules of conduct in professional tournaments. We can say that tennis is one of the last sports with a shadow of gentility.On the other hand, the physical advantages of practicing this sport are also significant. Being a dynamic and even alert sport, tennis sets in motion all the muscles in our bodies, no muscle fiber being left out, as well as engaging every joint.

For this reason, tennis is a worthwhile sport. Although not many players get to make a living from it, what’s sure is they can, at least, enjoy a sharp mind and a healthy body through its practice and performance.

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