The popularity of The Donald as a serious presidential candidate in the U.S. has perplexed not only some Americans, but individuals around the world. In the U.K., nearly 574,000 people signed a petition to ban him from their country. Before Trump’s national visibility on the reality show-slash-competition The Apprentice – where viewers followed contestants who would try to impress Trump with their business acumen – he was in the entertainment news and celebrity gossip in the New York and New Jersey area for his antics and corporate deals. Before Trump ever spoke out on the “birther” issue surrounding the Obama presidency, Trump was known as a solid financial mind, despite being a bit of a creep.

Reality television culture and making people famous for being famous is a peculiarity in our society that has grown over the last 20 years. Trump certainly understands and simply is entertainment. Parodies of him and the outlandish things he says only grow his popularity.

Mocking him seems to only make him stronger, which leads to both he and his would-be constituents to eat up every off-the-charts thing he says. Whatever insults are thrown at trump by liberals only seems to make him, and his campaign, more robust.

The Donald is a Dalek from Doctor Who

The Donald is like a Dalek from Doctor Who in that way. Think about it. He’s standing there yelling, “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Although most would compare him visually to a Tribble from Star Trek than a to a pepper shaker, Wikipedia describes a Dalek as, “the creature inside the mechanical casing is soft and repulsive in appearance and vicious in temperament.”

I rest my case on the Dalek theory.

The Donald is entertainment supreme.

Yet, this only explains his rise, not his serious staying power.

Is it that we, as Americans, are more racist than ever? Trump has been called a racist and a bigot for his words on immigrants. Is it truly that those in the United States are unwelcoming when many of us are from immigrant families at some point in our family tree?

Surely everyone by now has heard that years ago, the Donald said that if he would ever run for president that he would do so as a Republican, as he could lie and they would believe him. Even that, the clear possibility that he is saying whatever it takes to entertain his way to the White House has not stopped him.

A sign o’ the times

The truth is that this is a scary world. While some Trump supporters are going to cheer and follow out of enjoying that the guy is off the rails, others support for a more serious reason. They consider that a businessman might be able to help the economy rebound with better jobs and higher wages. They want someone who promises to protect them.

We can say that America was built on religious freedom, but every group that has entered after and since the Puritans has faced a wave of discrimination and fear that their presence would upset the applecart of society upon entrance from those who were here before them. No matter the religion, the nationality or the race, Americans have always been distrustful of those who newly arrive.

The feelings Trump has stirred up in this country go back to the 1600s and are nothing new.

Is Donald Trump what’s wrong with America?

He touches the inner parts of people, those who hear about mass sexual assaults in Europe or a terrorist attack in Paris or Belgium, who want someone they think is tough enough to say he will stop it. They want someone who is not part of a huge government machine, an outsider who will not be afraid to say how he feels.

The irony is that The Donald has always been a liberal democrat, and his inward beliefs probably have not changed. He might be pulling a fast one, which is something that remains to be seen. What is wrong with America really has little to do with Trump, he’s only a symptom.

What is wrong is that we have become divided on party lines, accusing and not conversing, arguing but not listening.

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