Last week, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stated that the All-Star game would not be played in North Carolina if the state refused to withdraw the recently approved legislation to protect religious freedoms in that state. Consideringall the previous threats levied against the state by other monied interests that include professional sports and celebrities, CommissionerSilver's position was presented in a more civil fashion.

The bathroom threat

Still, the bottom line is the same: if North Carolina won't allow anyone to use any bathroom, then the NBA will pull its All-Star game from the state. This attempted strong-arming by businesses and celebrities shows just how fast this moral revolution is taking hold and how far-reaching its influence has become.

But this moral revolution has not happened in a vacuum. AL Mohler writes, "Philosopher Philip Kitcher makes the very important observation that the sexual revolution could not have happened without what he calls 'the withering of vice.'"


When morality no longer guides societal norms, then vice can actually become avirtue. This process has become possible because the Bible is no longer the standard for right and wrong in this nation. Though many will argue that every founding father of our country was not a Christian, they cannot argue against the fact that this nation's system of laws is established on Judeo-Christian principles - and a nation's laws reflect its morals.

The morality that a nation embraces should not be elastic, but people are not perfect and situational ethics have proven over time to erode moral standards and replace them with solutions that are practical instead of moral.

That a professional sports organizationcan use the threat of monetary loss to a state's coffers to change societal norms shows just how "withered" our morals have become. Adam Silver knows that basketball is big money and he is hoping that North Carolina will not hold the line on their stand against the LGBT movement but instead will give in to the moral revolution.

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