Girls in the boys room

On Tuesday, April 19, a federal appeals court in Virginiaruled that Gavin Grimm, born a physical female, must be allowed to use the boys bathroom in school because she has declared herself to be a male by preference. The LGBT movement hopes that this decision will push legislators in North Carolina to overturn their recently-passed law that keeps bathroom usage confined to and defined by the physical gender a person is born with.

Government enforcing the moral revolution

This type of action by the court is moral interferenceon a grand scale but it is to be expected now that the decision has been made in the Obergefel v.

Hodges case, making it a federal law that anyone can marry anyone. Ten years ago it would have been impossiblethat this could even be an issue, but the moral revolution is rolling along at breakneck speed now. To push the Administration's agenda, federal funding that could amount to billions of dollars may be withheld from states like North Carolina and Mississippi who refuse to submit to Obama's agenda of normalizing the LGBT movement.

Title IX issues

Much of the legal precedent that is being used in pushing the bathroom issue forward in public schools is Title IX which is part of the United States Education Amendments of 1972. This amendment basically states that a person cannot be discriminated against on the basis of sex (meaning gender as determined by birth), as well as many other things.

However, the issue of who can use which bathroom was never a consideration at the time the bill was originally proposed and subsequently approved. All of that changed with the Obergefel decision and we will see a reinterpretation of every amendment written to the Constitution that refers to sex or gender.

Potential physical harm

There is a real physical danger in allowing men in the ladies bathroom and there is also a great potential for physical harm to women who, because of a desire to be a man, use the men's bathroom. The possibility of physical aggression against women is real and to ignore this threat is naive on the part of the government.

Given the current atmosphere surrounding the fear of rape that has become associated with coed dorms in college, it is hard to believe that the government would push for this type of legislation that would expose women to serious potential physical and psychological danger. The rush of the government to normalize LGBT issues may cause more problems than it is trying to solve.

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