Spring is in the air. We can feel it all around us, with the blooms of the flowers and the birds chirping away. Everything around us is coming back to life, and It is the perfect time to spring clean your own life. Spring Cleaning isn't just for the closets, it's detox time for the body, mind, and spirit also. This is the perfect time to make the changes you want, to live your life happier and healthier.

Change the food you are buying

Everyone has their favorite foods that they love, and we wouldn't be human if we didn't. If you are one that is buying processed foods, loaded up with preservatives, there is no better time to change your eating habits than now.

One great way is to find some wonderful recipes, loaded with wholesome foods, and make a book of the recipes that you want to try. If you just start out, take small steps, and make one healthy meal each day, then the change will be a lot easier to adjust to. I'm not saying you can't have your favorite sweets, or desserts, but there are substitutions to make those desserts a more healthier version.

Go on a cleanse

Cleansing your body is a great way to start off the spring season. I am not saying to go on a week long starvation binge. There are great 2-3 day cleanses that reboot your system and remove unwanted toxins. A one day cleanse is even ideal, including making fresh green juices every day, and adding in a full gallon of water daily.

You can find many great cleanses on Pinterest.

Clean your home

I'm sure you are already keeping your home clean, but when I say clean, I mean to take all the unwanted clothes, and shoes, and toys that are no longer used, and give them to people in need. The best way to do this is to make a list of the items that you would like to donate, and where you would like to take them.

There are so many places that take donations for families in need. Once all the closets and drawers are cleaned out, get your carpets steamed, and your baseboards clean. These collect dust all through the winter, and can cause dust mites and allergens.

Go Green

Changing the cleaning and laundry detergents to all natural, green products is a great change to make.

Those products have been known to cause a number of ailments, due to the harsh chemicals in the products. I know some may be a bit on the higher price side, but you can also make your own all natural ingredients too. Try changing your candles to soy for a more natural ambiance without the chemicals that most candles are made of.

Spring is a time for renewal. It is a time to get rid of the old, and replace with the new. It doesn't have to end in your closet, we can renew our selves, our lives, and our health for the better, and it all starts with a good cleaning.

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