In previous articles I have discussed the numerous problems I have with political correctness. In, I’m not judgmental, I pointed out the difficulties of navigating the PC system without offending others.

Each day I am reminded of how out of date I am with the new PC era. In fact, I was just informed that even dates have changed. At least how we write them.

It is no longer 2016 AD

BC has now become BCE and AD has changed to CE. I thought 400 BC was set in stone, so to speak, but it too has changed.

Calendar years have been expressed as BC, before Christ and AD, Anno Domini in Latin, meaning the year of our Lord.

Some think this may be offensive to non-Christians. Therefore, they have made BCE, before the Common Era, and CE, Common Era.

I didn’t know the calendar was offensive

I’m a Christian, but I have not thought about AD being offensive to non-Christians before these recent changes in educational material. If it is offensive, does changing the name make a difference, if the dates stay the same?

If the actual recorded dates in history stay the same, i.e. 1960 AD becomes 1960 CE, how does this help? The dates are still based on the general time of Christ’s birth. If Christ being involved in the dating process is offensive, then why not renumber all the dates through history based on something else?

Common Era

If you are a non-Christian and your child wants to know what CE stands for you can say Common Era. If he asks what event happened to make the calendar change from BCE to CE what would you say? If you say that was when Christ was born, you’re back to square one.

Counting backwards

Maybe they should change BC to CB and AD to CF.

That could stand for counting backwards and counting forwards. When your kids ask why it changed, you could say people got down to zero and didn’t know what to do so they started counting forward to avoid the same thing in the future.

PC translator app

These are reasons I need a live speaking translator on my phone.

I could speak normally without worry knowing my PC translator would automatically convert all my offensive language into politically correct comments. When I say illegal immigrants, it would say non-citizens.

I could freely speak my mind to others. I may not understand the translation, but the easily offended people would get it.

If you get one of these translator apps, you can leave it off when talking to me because I don’t get offended at what you say.

I am confident in my beliefs, comfortable in my skin, not trying to impress anyone, and living as I see fit without much concern about what you think about me.

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