How stupid!

Paypal has decided they don’t want to play anymore. NBA is thinking the same.

How stupid!

North Carolina has a law on the books that says transgenders have to go to the bathroom of their sex at birth.

Scroll down to learn why Twitter lands a deal with the NFL to live stream Thursday Night Football.

More Displays of Stupid

I don’t care one way or the other. I have seen a great solution to this problem. Just make bathrooms available and leave the men and women signs off completely. There are coffee shops in our area that do things this way and it works out just fine.

And we don’t have, can-I-buy-a-vowel, laws like the LGBTQ.

There are only 20 consonants in the alphabet and 5 of them are used here. Seriously?

Why not call it the Rainbow Law or some such animal and give the letters back to the general population?

Paypal decided they want to do business in North Carolina. The NBA thinks they might call off next year’s all-star game in Charlotte.

How stupid!

11% Really?

If you don’t play by our rules, then we are not playing.

I think 11% is much too high. But let’s go with that number for the sake of discussion.

Paypal planned to set up shop and provide 400 jobs to North Carolina residents. The online bank-ish entity is pulling out of the deal.

Let’s see. They have just told 44 people/families in their demographic that they cannot get jobs with their company.

“You are collateral damage.”

Wouldn’t it make more sense for Paypal to set up shop and show everyone how integration should be done?

Hello, Paypal. Are you reading this?

The NBA is considering telling 11% of the fans who might attend the all-star game that they aren’t welcome either because “we are not going to play there.” If the NBA were to generate $1 billion for the community, $110 million that might go to the LGBTQ community will NOT go there now.

Who loses when we don’t play along?

The athletes and fans lost when US and the then-USSR decided not to play with one another in 1980 and 1984.

Hey Paypal and NBA. Who’s going to lose out when you decide not to play?

How stupid!

Learn why Twitter lands a deal with the NFL to live stream Thursday Night Football.

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