Three years ago we decided to downsize from a big property in Chandler, Arizona to something a little more manageable.  I normally fight change, but this time, I agreed to try.  We were living on an acre of property with a 2700 square foot house, large auto garage, 900 square foot guest house, and many other storage buildings.  We had horses, dogs, chickens, and cats. 


We were retired and our kids had moved out, so we thought smaller might be better.  We already owned a 42 foot RV, so a logical plan was to move into the RV until we found the perfect house.


Mesa RV resort

Once our house sold we moved the RV into a nice RV resort where we planned to stay on a temporary basis.  We started aggressively searching for our new “downsized” home. 

However, the longer we looked the more we realized we enjoyed the simple life of the RV.  The RV resort where we spend most of our time has all the amenities we were used to, such as several pools, a restaurant, club house, various sports, and activities.

Week long trips 

We started taking trips in the RV to various places for weeks at a time.  National Parks; Grand Canyon, Smokey Mountains, and Zion for a start.  These were great vacations in that we could stay as long as we wanted without the worry of the house and animals left at home.  We also had all our “stuff” with us. 

We could take grand kids, other family members, or just the two of us.  Then coming back home to the RV park was just an extension of the vacation.


Reduce stress, not lifestyle

We had taken great vacations before, so how was this different?  The difference was we had truly downsized.  We had eliminated tons of work at the old property as well as tons of expense.  Less work, less expense.  Those two things alone can make for a much happier life. 

When we moved into the RV, we rented a 40 by 40 storage unit to store all our stuff.  This was just the stuff we felt we could not part with, as all the other personal property had gone away when we moved from the house.

One year is all it took

After one year we decided we didn’t need what was in the storage unit.  Called our kids and relatives and cleared out the unit.  We have reduced down to the RV, a couple cars, and two small sheds.  The RV spot in Mesa, Arizona is rented all year round in order to maintain a home base near our grand kids and family.

The rest of the time we Travel.  In the RV, we are always home, yet always on vacation.  The best of both worlds.  We have lost our desire to go back to the life we had.  We are full-time RVer’s.


Not just a junk old trailer

We have less work, less debt, less responsibility, but more fun.  I should point out that we have a very high-quality RV with satellite TV, internet, two bathrooms, and all the goodies.  We didn’t sacrifice quality of life, we improved it. 



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