With the advent of North Carolina's passage of the Religious Freedom Law - andmany other states following suit - all those on the liberal side of the moral revolution are up in arms that this legislation will lead to discrimination of the LGBT movement by those holding conservative religious beliefs. Is it really discrimination to ask people to use the bathroom associated with their physical gender?

Religious freedom act

The Religious Freedom Law that states are approving is basically a repetition of a federal bill already passed by liberal president Bill Clinton (Religious Freedom Restoration Act).

The reason states like North Carolina and Mississippi are passing these bills are not for the purpose of opening the gates of discrimination against the moral revolution; but in fact, they are passing these bills to protect the rights of those with biblical convictions to keep them from violating conscience by participating in events or having to show agreement with this revolution by participating in it.

Conservative christian views

Nothing is new here. Conservative Christian pastors have never married same-sex couples, and they never will. Conservative Christians will never endorse this movement in any fashion. What is new is that those pushing the moral revolution are trying to use legislation to discriminateagainst those with sincere Christian beliefs - forcing them to take positions that they vehemently disagree with.

The discrimination is not coming from the Christian side, it is coming from the government who is trying to force a moral revolution down the throats of the American public.

For the most part, Christians aren't running around trying to find gay people and block them from doing anything - including getting married if that's what they want to do.

There are preachers who will marry gay couples and there are secular magistrates who will willingly marry same-sex couples. There are bakers and photographers and event designers who will willingly prepare anything a gay couple wants. So why do those in the moral revolution insist on making trouble for people of faith?

They want everyone to participate in what they do and agree with their world-view, but more importantly, they want everyone to embrace their lifestyle. That is why this is being called a moral revolution.

Bathrooms gender-specific

The bathroom issue is a diversion and we should be reasonable people when approaching this issue. You may not like the gender that you were born with, but you were born with a specific gender. Short of taking the drastic measure of having your God-given gender physically changed, you either belong in men's room or the ladies room based on that gender. The bathroom is not the place where social debates on the legitimacy of a person's particular sexual inclinations are held.

People go in there to relieve themselves and then leave.

However, there is an important safety issue here. Most fathers are not going to accept a man in the same bathroom with their daughters and most husbands are not going to accept a man in the bathroom with their wives. This represents a huge risk to women's safety. Having men in the ladies restroom is not a scenario most people would approve of. This moral revolution has gone too far and some sanity needs to be inserted back into the discussion.

Which publicbathrooma person uses should not be an option. An individual can check themselves in the mirror and it will be as obvious to them as it is to everyone else as to which bathroom they should be in.

For those who just can't stand it, most public places have a family bathroom which can be used by either sex and only allows one user at a time. This should be more than sufficient to meet the needs of those who find it unbearable to use the bathroom that is associated with their physical gender.

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