I have a terrible time carrying on a conversation nowadays. Growing up in the 60’s was a different era.  People weren’t as sensitive.  Today I sometimes offend people without knowing.  It’s because I don’t know the present politically correct terminology.

Cowboys and Indians

When I was a kid we used to dress up like cowboys and Indians.  I don’t know if that’s still possible.  Maybe you have to say cow person or Native American potential warrior.  Or maybe Native American person defending his land from the invading cow person of unknown origin.


Cow person?

Is cow person offensive to someone?  That assumes that the person is involved with cows, female, instead of bulls, male.  I guess you should say persons who sometimes ride male or female horses and attempt to rope gender neutral grazing animals.  Then they sometimes fight with other nationalities over the grazing rights of said animals. 

Also, don’t take sides in the battles of the once called cowboys and Indians.

Fighting Illini

I grew up in Illinois, and went to the University of Illinois where our mascot was Chief Illiniwik.  He is no longer the mascot because of aforementioned potential offense.

 But, Yuma high school is still called the criminals. I don't get it.

Also, growing up in Illinois, the only alien I was aware of came from outer space.  We were supposed to stay away from aliens and run for cover.  Now where I currently live in Arizona, aliens come from Mexico and are not harmful. In fact, they have more rights than I do.

Which Bathroom?

Another thing that confuses me is bathrooms.  When I was young, you just knew what to do and where to go.  Now, from the signs, I don’t always know which restroom is proper for me.  I could wait until someone comes out, but that is not always helpful.


Now, everyone wants to choose which bathroom they use based on how they feel about it.  Some places have rules, some don’t.  I'm afraid if I were to ask which one is proper for me, I would have to fill out a questionnaire.

Please understand, no matter who you are or what your beliefs, I do not judge.  I just haven’t learned all the rules of present day political correctness.  I wouldn’t even know how to report a robbery to police.

Officer there was a robbery

It was a person of unknown race and religion, possibly male or female, or to be totally fair a combination of the above choices.  Officer, I do not judge them to be a criminal just because they stole my car.  I am reporting an alleged situation in which my car disappeared with an unknown person driving away.

You see what I mean?  I can’t even talk nowadays without offending someone.  I need a class on present day communication.