Boxing is a sport that is automatically associated with men but this does not mean that the sport is only limited to men because a lot of women these days have already been choosing boxing as their choice of sport. Here are several reasons why women should learn boxing.

Stay fit

Some women spend hours at the gym just by doing light workouts in order to burn fats. These women do not have an idea how much fat they can burn just by going all-out for 3 minutes in a boxing ring.


Boxing is an anaerobic activity that can be more fun compared to running on a treadmill or lifting weights in the gym. It requires strategy that lets you use your mind as well and not just rely on your physical strength in order to be good at it.

Morale booster

A lot of women who are into boxing say that they usually feel scared the moment they first step in the ring but the feeling when they step out of it is very different whether they win or lose a sparring match. Because they feel like a superwoman at the end of the match that the pain and weariness felt will be all worth it.

Black and white photo of boxers (Pexels)
Black and white photo of boxers (Pexels)

Escape reality

Once you step in the ring, you go inside a different dimension wherein all of your worldly concerns are thrown out of the window temporarily. Boxing enthusiasts even say that the sport serves as a sweet escape and even if a single round is just worth 3 minutes or even less, the experience and excitement that it can give you is priceless.

You will learn to take better care of yourself

If you step inside a boxing ring, you are the only one responsible for yourself.


You are your own team and you do not have any form of support from anyone to help you in the game except for cheers and maybe taunts outside the ring. This thought can be carried out of the ring the more frequently you box.

Loved ones will perceive you as a cool person

Whether it is your kids, your husband, or your boyfriend, these loved ones will always find you cool considering that your hobby is different compared to typical women regardless of age.

There are still very few women who enjoy boxing up to this day and the fact that the sport is always associated with men also adds up to your coolness. Your kids will also look up to you as a fighter and a tough woman who can protect her children the same way a father can. This perception alone can be reason enough, along with the added health benefits.

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