Director Hilton Ariel Ruiz is an Indie film maker. His movies haven’t hit the big screens yet, but he is working on it. During my brief interview with Ruiz, he discussed his film Zombie with a Shotgun. I have seen the first clip which looks promising. But, I have to tell you that hedoesn’t follow the standard zombie script. You know the drill. It always starts with people dying from an illness or nuclear waste. Within minutes, they rise and eat the living. Ho hum, boring stuff. Zombie films rarely stray from this plot.

Ruiz has taken a different approach with his zombies. Instead of his zombies being the bad dudes, they are the heroes. The main characters are Aaron and Rachel, who try to find love as they become zombies. Ruiz also mentions that only a select few zombies will have any intelligence. The rest will likely just wander around looking for someone to eat. How interesting. We get to root for zombies instead of people. Ruiz said he wanted to do something different. This summer, hewill release Zombie with a Shotgun as a graphic novel.

Hehas collaborated with artist Simone Guglielmini to complete the graphic novel. The movie will follow the comic.

Ruiz has great incentives for those who donate to his Kickstarter project

Ruiz offers fans an opportunity to get involved. He has turned to Kickstarter to generate revenue for his project. Donors can buy the following perks: Preorder the film (Stream or DVD), T-shirts, signed posters, credits, and an interesting zombie perk that offers fans a chance to appear in the film as a zombie.

Ruiz guarantees you can be a zombie that receives an awesome death. How cool is that? Plus you can brag that you appeared in a movie. None of your co-workers could ever top you.

He will need financial help from fans to get this project going. Let’s see if we can help him get his zombie heroes on the big screen. Find the project on Kickstarter and donate for a chance to live out your zombie fantasy and become immortalized as one the undead in the film.

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