You have done all the work, you advertised, build a huge following on Facebook and then you get the notification that Facebook is deleting your account. They may have good reasons or they may not. it could be because someone complained about your group, talked about violations of the Facebook agreement, or even worse! Don't let this happen to you or if it does, be prepared and still win.

(Scroll down to read how you can stop this from happening)

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don't add super controversial content or anything that resembles porn. Hate, porn, and racism will get your page deleted very quickly.
  • Understand your audience and what they like to read. Most fan pages forget that their audience is there for one reason and that is to learn, be entertained and focused on the subject matter! Don't stray or your audience will and may report abuses!
  • Don't constantly advertise your services. Pages that are but advertisements are often abandoned and Facebook wants you to share relevant information, not just constantly advertise.

What Will Save The Day

  • Be informative. Find materials that are written by others you can share on the site. People like to see new things in their industry.
  • Be consistent. Post regularly, daily if you are able.
  • Add Facebook Live each week where you audience can interact with you on the spot and ask questions.

Your Next Steps

  • Create unique graphics for each item you post.
  • Add your website address and contact information into all postings, this will keep you top of mind
  • Use great scheduling tools for getting your message out on a regular basis
  • Have fun and find a way to capture email addresses from all you page likes.

Now go out, get fans, and put them on your list - keep your fans for yourself in case anything goes wrong.

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