I believe that this is a question all of us ask ourselves at some point in our lives. How will the World end and we will be there to witness it? Scienceis a very reliable source, in case we are curious about this. Since there were “world ending” threats, science showed us that we do not need to alarm ourselves. Not for the moment at least.

However, there are theories about how the World will cease to exist and, believe it or not, scientists are also able to estimate when that happens. They researched cosmic manifestations and were able to bring up a few possible ways of how the Earth will no longer be able to maintain life.

Some of them explain how we will end up without an atmosphere while many other theories say that total planet destruction is on the way.

Let us list a few methods we found

Some people know that the Earth is surrounded by a magnetosphere which protects the Earth like a shell, generated by the planet’s rotation and the core’s heat. It protects us from the energetic particles that are launched from the sun. Imagine that the planet’s core is cooling down. The magnetosphere will disappear, leaving us sitting ducks against solar winds, which could blow away our planet’s atmosphere.

Another way our dear planet can die is if our sun dies. This is a long process, so people today should not have any fear because the sun is dying very slow.

According to scientists, the sun reached middle age and it still has a long way to go before consuming itself. They do know that the sun will reach its end billions of years from now. By that time, the sun could remain without the hydrogen it uses to generate helium through fusion, being only left with only helium to fuse.

That will lead to a more energetic reaction, increasing its gravitational field and pulling the Earth toward it.

Another way would be for Earth to be pushed out from its orbit and become a rogue planet. Leaving its course, the Earth could lose the heat provided by the sun, ending up frozen. This could happen if the sun were to expand, thus processing a force against the Earth that would make it lose its trajectory and eventually float in the void.

Fortunately, we aren’t anywhere close to witnessing such phenomena, but it would be interesting to grasp a sight of such cosmicmanifestations. Of course, there are many other methods our World could end. It could even collide with another planet, one way or another. But one thing is for sure, we are countless years away from such a catastrophe.

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