A number of Celebrities have vowed to flee to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States. According to Politico, Trump is trying to turn these promises into a campaign issue and a reason to vote for him. He announced this new strategy during a call into “Fox and Friends.”

The kerfuffle is more amusing than aggravating. The promises by luminaries such as Whoopi Goldberg and Lena Dunham to flee the country are predicated on a low probability event, that being the election of Trump to the presidency.


Most polls show Hillary Clinton stomping the mercurial real estate tycoon in a landslide. On the other hand, Election 2016 has been filled with low probability events, including the success Trump has thus far been enjoying on the campaign trail.

It should be noted that vows by celebrities to go into exile if a Republican were to be elected have happened before and have not been followed through on. Alec Baldwin swore that he would leave the United States forever if George W. Bush had been elected in 2000.

Bush was elected, and Baldwin stayed in America.

The problem is that most of the people who are pounding their chests and promising to flee the country work in the entertainment industry, centered around Southern California and New York. To be sure, Canada has a thriving film and TV sector, thanks to generous tax subsidies. But the price of exile would be too high for even someone, like Lena Dunham, whom Trump sneered at as being a “B-actor” and “lacks mojo” by which he likely meant talent, an attractive personality, and good looks.


Trump is having a lot of fun with the idea of annoying celebrities fleeing before him, including one of his oldest nemesis, Rosie O’Donnell. But, one wonders if any voters exist who think, “I was going to vote for Cruz because I prefer his economic plan, foreign policy, and character to Trump’s, but since we’ll get rid of Lena Dunham, I’m changing my vote.” On the other hand, Lena Dunham going to Canada would be delicious revenge for Justin Bieber and William Shatner.