The Trump stump

Well, Donald Trump is at it again. He’s managed to get people to invest in his businesses, and a now, mid-campaign, “charity” venture only to have both of them go bust while he never suffers a huge, personal financial blow.  According to Blasting News sources, he launched a venture to raise money for various veteran groups and managed to “lose” a good portion of it…and, of course, it will never be accounted for.  This isn’t the first time Mr.


Trump has launched a lucrative-looking venture, with all the appearances of legitimacy, only to have it fail.  He’s managed to increase his net worth with many of his business busts over the years and the people involved in his schemes never seem to complain loudly.

What’s in a name?

During Trump’s presidential campaign, it was announced that his Trump Network, vitamin-supplement pyramid, went bust, as well as the savings accounts of ordinary, hard-working people who invested in his get rich quick scheme.

Donald J. Trump (via Wikimedia)
Donald J. Trump (via Wikimedia)

According to a CBS News affiliate, two retired college professors living in Florida took the leap in 2009 and spent nearly $500 on what they thought would be a solid business venture, only to end up $10,000 in the red when they finally woke up from the Trump stupor. Do you think Mr. Trump is suffering? Apparently, not bad enough to lose half of the charity proceeds raised for veteran’s groups and then not talk about it.

Trump has a history of business failures, many of which are based on not-so-unique concepts like, bottled water; packaged, high-quality meats and yes, a board game.


The only difference between him and Monopoly or Aquafina is the Trump brand. Since the Reagan, “greed is good,” 80’s era, Donald Trump has managed to get rich off of his name, not his ideas…unless, of course it’s a new and innovative way to rake in cold, hard cash.

The “house” always wins

A parting word to the wise, a successful gambler always comes out even, at least. He puts aside the money he wants to “play with.” It’s usually an amount he can afford to lose.

If he makes a good turn over with the money he gambles, he’s done well. If not, hey, no loss. It’s the surest way to always stay ahead of the house and make money, in spite of the house rules. Citizens, we are that house and the Oval office is one more hustle Mr. Trump mustn’t make good on.

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