My 8-year old is smarter than many so-called scientists. To be sure, the many lab rats know things that my little girl doesn't. Smart is not always about facts. Sometimes smarts are demonstrated in how you interpret those facts. Right?

My little girl has insights that many mad scientists don't.

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A little child will lead them

We see hummingbirds from time to time outside our windows. Our home is home to flowers of all sorts.

I told her that some people think the hummingbird just happened. That nature's forces over billions of years crafted the amazing little bird.

She laughed out loud. "Are they mad, daddy?"

"Could be. Could be, honey. And if they aren't mad, they are, at the least missing out on the obvious."

This tiny bird told me

Hummingbirds are unlike any other bird that ever existed ... now or then, dead or alive. Extinct or otherwise.

Hummingbirds are unique in their:

  • bones
  • beaks - long with a skinny tongue and automatic fluid-trapping mechanics
  • tongue - curved for grabbing, curling just right and at the right time for holding till swallowed.
  • feathers - extra-long primary feather for lift.
  • joints - they swivel and rotate in a figure-8 pattern
  • wings - allow them to hover, fly backwards, dive and maneuver
  • software - allows them to find a flower's center, with a completely stabilized head
  • radiators - to stay cool from the incredible internally generated heat.
  • musical gas - air flows from their tail feathers, and creates a melody that attracts mates.

And if any of these pieces aren't working ...

the bird will not be able to survive.

How did that happen again?

What is the likelihood that all aspects of this incomparable little creature will come together all at once?

Can you say, "Zero?"

Even my little girl knows this.

I don't want to belittle the amazing efforts that natural scientists put into their work.

When a bird-watcher tells me that it would take umpteen million years and a lot of luck for these pieces to come together, they are telling me how amazingly terrific the designer of the bird is. In other words, the Designer can do instantly what it would, if it could, take millions or even billions of years to occur naturally.

The Hummingbird told me that the evolution theory won't fly. What's that little bird telling you?

Learn Troll Central, Reddit, makes an effort to police itself.

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