I remember only one family vacation growing up. We went to Gatlinburg, TN. All 8 of us. In one car.

Bringing Back Big Families

I don't remember the kind of car we had but the 3rd row of seats faced to the rear. There was a small space between the second and third rows and that's where I, um, sat. My two brothers sat in the far back and my two older sisters were in the middle. My mother and father sat up front and my baby sister was between them. We pulled the luggage and what not from behind or tied it redneck style to the roof. Or maybe we just didn't change our clothes for the week. The memory goes after 60, I think.

I can't remember when I stopped remembering.

I also remember that we only went on just one such trip. My bet is that had there been a Land Cruiser like the 2016 version I drove back then, we would have gone on many more.

Big car. Tough car. Rugged car. Comfortable car. Safe car. Handsome car. Perfect car ... for long road trips or hauling around large families or doing both.

My wife, daughter and I took it into the mountains of Lake Tahoe ... 200+ miles one way. It snowed as we pulled into South Lake Tahoe. Didn't faze us. The next day was perfect late winter/early spring weather. We opened up the sun/moon roof. Beautiful. Our luggage fit with room to spare in the far back and my daughter had a literal dream come true.

2 Dreams Came True

She always wanted to be able to watch a movie while sitting in the back seat. In this 2016 Land Cruiser she did. Ponyo from Japan.

My wife had a dream of hers come true as well. A small refrigerated compartment between the driver and shotgun seat meant grapes and oranges and such instead of the usual default chips and candies.

Big family car! Or, if the family of my daughter's best friend wanted to join us - 2 dads in the front, 2 moms in the middle and 3 kids in the far back. And a partridge in a pear tree.

Two families can Travel just as cheaply in this Land Cruiser at 15 mpg as they might in 2 cars each getting 30 mpg.

How cool is that?

The 2016 Land Cruiser needs all of its 24.5 gallon tank to cover 300+ miles or one way toDisneyLand on one tank of gas. Good luck with that in any event with 7-8 bladders of all sizes involved.

Safe? Never felt safer.

Bulky? Indeed. It felt like I was driving a U-Haul but much more comfortable.

Would I buy one? Only if I can talk my wife and the guy in the mirror into having 5 more kids.

The specifications on the car I drove are in the images above.

Price tag: $84,000.

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