There are two ways to look at that statement today vs the past.  In one respect, many hard workers have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.  Jobs have gone overseas and companies have moved away.

The other difference, which I’m referring to, is the attitude of the younger generation. 

I don’t want to work

Many teenagers and young adults simply don’t want to work.  Maybe if it pays enough and doesn’t require much effort, but beyond that, forget it.  They’d just as soon live at home until they're 40.


I was born in 1949.  Even in grade school, if I wanted something special I had to work for it; mow the neighbor’s lawn, stack hay on the farm, or whatever.  I wasn’t picky, I would do almost any work to make a few dollars for the weekend.

I need to hire some help

I don’t see that today.  Now that I’m older and need some help from time to time, I can’t find it.  If you need the old roof torn off, the fence fixed, or tree trimmings picked up, lots of luck finding a kid to help. 

I thought I was doing them a favor by giving them an opportunity.  They come to me needing money, but if I say I have a job that will pay well, they walk away. 

They have figured out how to get what they want without working.  How did this happen?  I certainly couldn’t do it when I was young.  Maybe they're smarter, maybe just lazy. 

Maybe it’s our fault for giving them too much.  We always want more for our kids.  Maybe we just don’t want them to have to work as hard as we did.  But, then we forget that working hard was how we learned to be self-sufficient.

We expected them to automatically know, what we struggled so hard to learn.  Work hard, don’t take things for granted.  We meant well, but maybe we weren’t good teachers. 

I wanted independence

As I think back, I remember wanting to be independent of my parents at an early age.  I wanted to make my own decisions, live my own life, and make my own way.  In fact, I wanted this so bad that by age 19 I had a job, was out of the house, and married.  Let’s just say that eliminated my parent’s control, and leave it at that.


Point is, not only has technology changed, attitudes have changed.  How do we get the drive back into the children of today?  They want free education, free health care, and free everything.  I don’t know the answer, but maybe a little tough love is still needed.