They put fences around prisons for the same reason they put fences around graveyards

People are dying to get in.

A bigger riddle is why people are dying, not literally in this case, to get into a California prison.

California Prison Riddle

The answer: There's a new prison in San Mateo County. It's billed, yeah, promoted as:

  • sunniest
  • happiest
  • most productive

BIG HOUSE in the State. California does love to do things differently. Ask Apple and Google.

Also on the promotional materials for this 'compassionate corrections' facility:

  • 832 beds (reads like a hotel. Conference hosting anyone?)
  • Zen garden
  • computer lab
  • radiant floor heating
  • relaxing pics of the California countryside on the walls

Let's make inmates feel warm and welcomed So, we can rehabilitate them and get them back into society.

Warden: "Hey, time to go!"

Inmate: "But I don't want to go.


Why do you think I am in here in the first place?"

Happiest Place on Earth is NOT Disneyland

This new facility replaces the less accommodating cramped building and its tendency to flood in the winter leaving inmates feeling unwelcomed and motivating them get out.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

The new facility will lift the spirits of inmates, their families and the guys and gals with guns hired to make them behave. Rubber bullets anyone? Why don't we threaten to shoot them with balloons.

That'll have the same affect, won't it?

The best natural lighting of any pokey in the State replaces solitary confinement.

Lots of video monitors to keep families in touch. We don't want the inmates to miss out on birthday parties and such.

Taxpayers fought and lost to the desire to better house those with low morals than house those with low income. Gotta love California.

Most Beautiful Prison in the World

Visitors are shocked at how 'beautiful the place is.'

My bet is that the administrators are going to be shocked by how many people do NOT want to leave.


Let's see ... can you think of anybody who would like:

  • to live rent free
  • stay in touch with their families on a regular basis
  • enjoy beautiful surroundings
  • get free medical and dental
  • enjoy conjugal visits?

The place sounds more like a retirement home than a jail. Early retirement anyone?

The next question after why are there fences around graveyards is "Do you know how many people are dead in a graveyard?"

Answer is, "all of them."

How many people are not likely to want to leave this jail once they get in? All of them.