How millennials have gone left during the past decade

Millennials, that perplexing generation between the ages of 18 and 30, have famously gone for leftist presidential candidates in recent elections. They famously went for Barack Obama in 2008, caught up in the hope and change fever. Four years later, millennials choose Obama again over Mitt Romney by large margins. In the current election cycle, the younger generation has tended to support Bernie Sanders, the elderly senator from Vermont and avowed socialist.


Millennials are turning to Ted Cruz

However, a new Fox poll shows Sen. Ted Cruz, the most conservative of all of the current presidential candidates, carrying millennials over Hillary Clinton by 14 points. The poll findings suggest one of the greatest reversals of political opinion in American history.

Why are millennials supporting Cruz?

The question arises, how is it that the younger generation is switching from candidates who represent a decidedly leftist agenda to the rightist of right-wingers? Two theories suggest themselves.

The first is that after nearly eight years of Obama and economic stagnation, young people may be tiring of voting against their economic interests. The cliché of the 20-something college graduate still living with his or her parents, unable to get a meaningful job is a reality for too many in the millennial generation. They tried Obama-style liberalism. They flirted with Sanders socialism. Some may now be receptive to Cruz’s Reaganesque free market capitalism.  Of course that may mean that the young will have to lose their sense of entitlement.


The other reason maybe that millennials identify with Cruz rather than Hillary Clinton because he is young and vibrant while she is old and cranky. The young people may like the youthful, Cuban-American who combines the youth of a John Kennedy and the values of a Ronald Reagan. The excitement surrounding the Cruz campaign heralds back to that of the 1960 Kennedy and 1980 Reagan campaigns.

If Cruz pulls it off and garners most of the youth vote, he will have executed a political sea change in America.

It’s a phenomenon that the Democrats, stuck as they are with two geriatric candidates, should be gravely worried about.