Have you listened to Donald Trump lately? I mean really listened? The words that fall from his lips are more likened to H-bombs than pearls. It's inflammatory, often irrational, always emotional, and sounds more attuned to Middle East extremist camps than a Presidential election.

Defining Moment

The Merriam­ Webster dictionary defines a Jihad as, "a crusade for a principle or belief." The Cambridge Dictionary gets more specific with, "a holy war fought by Muslims against people who are a threat to Islam." 

If you replace the Muslim with Christian, and swap out Islam for Christianity you have the ramblings of (among others in the GOP camp) Donald Trump.  Add in all those War on Christianity" soundbites conservatives are fond of uttering and things sound scary. Fast.


With each new public appearance, Trump's finger settles more comfortably on the trigger, as he issues his latest call for death to a country or group: his threat du jour.

We're shocked, but not enough

We've seen and heard this rhetoric before, from many of those who have hijacked Islam. And in kind, Trump makes grand wide­sweeping statements that bend accommodatingly to whatever situation is trending; facts are for the other guys. 

Killers and Rapists and Drugs Lords, Oh My!

Trade deals with Mexico are vital to the United States.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore, Fickr
Image credit: Gage Skidmore, Fickr

The good old US of A can't function without Mexico's constant penchant Yankee stuff. Last year Mexico purchased roughly $356 billion worth of goods and services, ­more than China (13 billion), and Germany combined (49 billion). The US also bought 123 billion dollars' worth of German goodies in 2015, putting the Land of the Free into debt to the tune of 73 billion, but sure, Donald, go ahead and build that wall.

Big Trouble in Little China

There's also a problem with that import tax on Chinese products he's always touting,­ it violates two essential commitments of World Trade Organization member countries:

  • a WTO member country is bound to treat all other member countries equally, and
  • is forbidden to force tariffs above the "bound rate" outlined in its "tariff schedule."

Then there's that annoying little fact about US president's being unable actually to make trade policy; only Congress can "regulate Commerce with foreign Nations." Darn that pesky Constitution, how it gets in the way of despotism.


As Trump stands poised to win the Republican nomination, he's becoming more of what he claims so adamantly to be against -­ a tyrannical member of the religious faithful. For the Americans who stand gobsmacked, staring as their country rallies behind the madness of Trumpeters heralding their next messiah, you have to wonder if they share more with their Middle Eastern brothers and sisters than they ever imagined. They, who watch, unable to mitigate the actions of the few who have taken their faith and identity hostage for personal gain.

We're beginning to understand all too well what that feels like, and it isn't pretty.

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