Presidential election, 2008, was many things in this country: historic, amazing, unifying, as well as divisive. But one thing it was not was a circus with an abundance of monkeys. The year we elected our first Black president brought a level of pride to our country that radiated all over the world. And whether you voted for him or not, the day of Barak Obama’s inauguration was an historic moment in all our lives.

Election 2016, though 8 months away, has already got many Americans feeling a myriad of emotions, but this time around, true fear is high on the list. The success of Donald Trump, Real Estate mogul and top GOP candidate, is as popular on one side as it is horrifying on the other.

And the two sides are not clearly divided between Republicans and Democrats. Donald Trump’s uncensored, deep-cutting, profane style of connecting to people is actually working. He has continued to win states (and delegates) from Iowa to South Carolina. Though his behavior gets worse, his numbers get better. At last night’s debate, he defended the size of his “manhood,” after Marco Rubio remarked on Trump’s small feet, and everyone knows what that is in-DIC-ative of. Really? And after his losing and short lived candidacy in 2008, even Republicans are surprised this time around. It is doubtful that any establishment politicians expected Trump to go this far.

On the Democratic side, we lost all but two serious candidates, which splits the Democratic vote, almost, down the middle. A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for Socialism.

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A vote for Hillary Clinton, in the eyes of some, is a vote for big money PACS, which is a deal breaker to many. But the worst part about this (as far as a Democrat is concerned) is that the Dems who choose not to vote are actually voting for a Republican. And that brings us full circle, back to the problem with this election.

Why? What, after two terms of such history-making, level-headed leadership, the reflection of real change, would make a very large group of Americans go rogue? According to George Darden Esq., retired E.E.O.C. (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) attorney, “[the current election] is a clear reflection of the racist views of a surprising number of 'undercover' Americans. The ones who took certain ideas for granted in the previous two elections, but are determined to be heard now.”

Also included are the ones who never thought the country could have been bamboozled into electing a Black president once, let alone twice. Darden, by the way, is not surprised. After working as a Discrimination Attorney, during the implementation of The Civil Rights Act, Mr.

Darden was actually more surprised that Obama pulled it of twice. After living through the sixties, from his vantage point, he couldn’t have predicted it.

In conclusion, our country is in danger. Even other countries are speaking out about the odd state of our union. The world is watching and waiting for The Free World to be the leader that we have always been. We have to unite and stand together as a country that was founded on strong beliefs and ideals. We need a leader who has experience, integrity, and the willingness to walk down the center of the congressional aisle, with liberty and justice for all.