The 2016 Presidential race heats up as primaries and caucuses are closing across the country. Trump maintains his lead over the other GOP candidates in seven states, though Ted Cruz did win in Kansas. Trump’s rally in Florida had its usual occurrences: protesters ejected, Trump making promises that he will “Get it done,” and believe it or not, he had his supporters raise their right hands in a Hitler-salute-type fashion, and recite a pledge that, no matter what, they will vote for Donald Trump. Is he for real? And moreover, are these supporters for real? Truthfully, the whole campaign is beginning to transition from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Trump supporters hurting protesters

If you look back over the current Presidency, you’ll notice that Obama has met resistance from the Republicans with the introduction of every new policy. They’ve opposed big ideas like the Affordable Care Act, though thousands of Americans have gained the ability to obtain healthcare and screenings. They’ve also opposed small things like the fist-bump that Obama shared with his wife in recognition of his win. The Republicans spent his whole first term trying to prove that he was neither Christian nor American, and the list goes on and on. But somehow, Trump has gotten away with such acts as claiming that Latinos bring drugs and crime to the states, and more recently, he encouraged his followers to escort protesters out of his rallies, explaining that if they hurt them he would “defend them in court.” Trump added that when protesters are “swinging and punching, it is amazing to watch.” How can it be that a person who hurls racial epithets and publically defends his penis size be the favored choice of Americans to represent them? The only conclusion is the scariest one: he is saying what these people are thinking.

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Romney and McCain speak out

There is hope, though. Finally, an established Republican, Mitt Romney, has come out publically against Donald Trump. In his opinion, “He’s playing the American public for suckers and he has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president,” he added. More importantly, Romney is not the only former Presidential candidate to speak up against Trump. John McCain strongly denounced Mr. Trump as a candidate who was ignorant of foreign policy and has made “dangerous” pronouncements on national security. Of course, The Donald was quick with a Trump-ism, and called him a “failed candidate,” “choke artist,” and “loser” for his loss to President Obama in 2012.

Lawsuit may take Trump down

It remains to be seen how these comments will affect Trump's campaign. Apparently, Donald is being sued by New York’s Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman. Scheiderman’s suit is based on his claim that Trump University was fraudulent. He says that Trump “bilked” students of more than $40,000, collectively, according to Rick Rojas of The New York Times.

It is promising that Trump has recently lost two states, and if Kasich wins Michigan and Ohio, he could be in trouble. It just may be that the vulgar remarks are beginning to take a toll on Trump’s credibility.