Okay, okay, I have to admit I am over 50 and I love the eighties. It was a unique and special time. The music, movies, hairdos and even the clothes were special. Some may argue about the clothes, but this is my article and I liked the jumps suits and neon colors.


However, as I get older I am losing my blood curdling thirst to sit down and watch a modern day horror movie.

In the 80’s I had a choice to go and see the Oscar winning, Back to the Future, or Fright Night. There was no choice.

Pop-corn in hand I went and laughed, jumped and was bedazzled by the special effects of Fright Night.

Now, I wonder why horror movies have become less attractive and inviting. Is it because the movies of today are less imaginative and most are copies or remakes of the 70’s and 80’s horror movies?

Today’s horrors are not as good (Source:Wiki)
Today’s horrors are not as good (Source:Wiki)

Look at the recent remake of Fright Night starring Colin Farrell - who incidentally was in another poor remake, Schwarzenegger’s Si Fi classic, Total Recall.

The film was okay but maybe it took itself a little too seriously. The performance of David Tennant’s portrayal of Peter Vincent was unique and quirky, but does not go to the dizzy and campy heights of the great Roddy McDowell in the original.

That is why I think 80’s horror movies are able to bite current horrors movies on the throat and suck them dry.  

Today horror movie creators leave nothing to the imagination.


For them the popcorn eating audience is nothing more than a dollar sign.

Are movie makers relying too heavily on CGI to create blockbusters people will flock to see?

We know this is not completely right as horror movie attendance has slowly dried up. This can be seen by the highly acclaimed Crimson Peak only earning 13 million dollars at the box office.

As well, I believe the improvement of television programs such as American Horror Story have also impact on horror movies box office success as people can be entertained in the privacy of their own lounge rooms.

So, let’s go back to the 80’s and reminisce for a while.

Here are my top five horror movies of the eighties in no particular order:

Fright Night

Friday the 13th

Evil Dead

Night of the Creeps

Lost Boys

How does my list compare to yours?

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