“The Walking Dead” is a remarkable show from many points of view from critics and their fans. Released in 2011, it managed to grow a huge fan base that’s still increasing. Although it arose despite many controversies regarding the violent realism of some of its scenes, this TV series is worth much praise.

At a first glance what strikes is definitely the realism of the antagonists’ representation: much of humanity is infected and turned into walking dead. The generation of these gruesome images is sometimes hard to get over, but has the attribute of contributing to the viewer’s complete captivation. The surroundings are designed in such a manner that the viewer feels as if he were a part of that post-apocalyptic universe.


The anarchy and the exclusive fight for survival stall the evolution

In a scenery where no law makes any difference and people’s sole objective is to have something to eat or drink for the day, any other effort becomes pointless. “The Walking Dead” presents this bitter truth in an impressive manner. If we stopped for a moment to analyze the history of civilizations, we would notice that until as recently as 10,000 years ago humankind had been in a continual fight for survival. And that was it. In the few dozen thousand years since man, the Homo sapiens, appeared on this planet, things remained at the same stage in the absence of an organizational form that enabled more.

Coming closer to contemporary times, in the last century, once modern states began to establish their own forms, things moved extraordinarily fast and efficient in all directions: from the increase of life span to the astonishing advances that led to the flourishing of civilization on Earth. Technology and science were the sources of this amazing progress. And nothing would be possible in the absence of solid state structures.

The Walking Dead” shows another way in which evolution can be analyzed – the backward process. Beginning with an evolutional peak (before the emergence of the walking dead epidemic) and constantly continuing until any political structure is wiped out.


The difficulties on this line are even greater: people find themselves deprived of a standard of living and basically thrown into the depth of prehistory.