Planet X” (the ninth planet, as researched by Daniel Whitmire) is suggested to have been involved in the extinction of the dinosaurs. The existence of the planet is still researched, however, the calculations show that its orbit, which is tilted compared to the other planets in the solar system, leads the planet through the Kuiper belt of comets every 27 million years. Given this, it may be possible that the meteors that attacked Earth in its prehistoric age came from a collision of “Planet X” with the Kuiper belt, redirecting the meteors because of its gravitational field.

This concept was also brought to discussion almost 30 years ago by Whitmire and John Matese, who published the connection between the mystery planet and the dinosaur’s extinction in the Nature journalback in 1985. There were two other theories regarding the extinction, however, their inconsistency erased them from researchers’ minds.

Other details show that the planet is 10 times bigger than Earth but smaller than Neptune and that it takes 20 thousand years for the planet to do a full cycle around the Sun.

NASA is skeptical about the existence of the planet in question and prefers to regard it as premature information.

Let us think deeper about the extinctions

It does sound realistic that the meteors that hit the Earth could have been moved from their trajectory via a different gravitational field coming from the Kuiper belt, thanks to the ninth planet launching them toward the Earth. However, it was not yet confirmed.

In the past there were 5 mass extinctions on Earth that are believed to have been caused by giant meteor strikes. Two of the so-called strikes wiped out almost every species on the planet while the last severe one brought the existence of dinosaurs to an end.

30 years ago,scientists were able to speculate about events that happened no more than 250 million years in the past. But new technologiesand different theories helped them visualize the meteor strikes that occurred over 500 million years ago.

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