Ted Cruz mistresses?

The National Enquirer has alleged that presidential nominee Ted Cruz has been busy banging women not named Heidi Cruz. In a political battle, any publicity is better than none. But, I am not sure if this applies to the National Enquirer. If you go shopping at any grocery store, it’s one of those gossip tabloids known for making allegations against anyone who is famous. The Enquirer claims Cruz has five mistresses. The story has pictures of the women, but they are distorted to hide their identities.


Allegedly, one woman is a prostitute, one is a teacher, and three are co-workers.

As expected, Senator Cruz has denied the allegations and said the attacks are from Donald Trump, who has offered praise for the Enquirer. Trump said they were right about John Edwards and O.J. Simpson, but he hopes they are wrong about Cruz. Also, Trump is friends with David Pecker, who is the CEO of American Media Inc., the company that publishes the Enquirer.

Is the mistress angle a smear campaign? Yes, because GOP candidates have tossed out a red herring for voters to chew on.

Instead of focusing on immigration, crime, or poverty, GOP candidates are focusing more on adultery, lies, and dishonesty. Other accusations against Cruz are that his campaign staff told voters that former rival Ben Carson had dropped out of the race and should switch their votes to Cruz. Although Cruz apologized to Carson, it left political pundits and voters questioning Cruz’s ethics. During political battles, history proves that people often choose a candidate based on “likability.”  

Voters will disregard a candidate’s successful track record if he is a jerk.


Is Donald Trump any less likable than Cruz? Hard to say. But, when it comes to Trump, people either love him or hate him. However, Cruz has the charisma of a zombie with little to no personality. So far, based on current polls, voters won’t put a zombie against potential Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton, who is more likable than rival Bernie Sanders. Even if Cruz were to win the GOP nomination, he may be too busy to win the presidency if he’s juggling five mistresses and a wife.