It is well known that population is now increasing at a speed that’s hard to handle. Many stories were heard on how the Earth will not be able to maintain the existence of our race in the long run because of our overwhelming “ability” to expand. Truth be told, the fact that the Earth might finish its food supplies in the future, and other such thoughts are pushing scientists to speed up their process of finding ways to colonize other planets which could maintain human life forms.


However, we must find out if we are able to colonize other planets by testing our camping skills outside the Earth.

What better place to start off than our very Moon? The European Space Agency will build a village on the Moon, which will serve, as stated by Johann-Dietrich Woerner, the head of the multinational agency, for science, business, tourism, and mining purposes. The project will take more than 20 years to complete, as they need to develop the technology which will allow them to build such a site.


But isn’t this supposed to take up Earth’s resources?

Woerner is sure that they won’t need many resources from Earth in the beginning as their first step is to arrive on the Moon. From that point on, they plan on using the Moon’s resources in order to continue the project. They will also take advantage of 3D printing technology to create parts of buildings and structures right out of the Moon’s resources.

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It also depends on the location. There are parts of the Moon which are safer against such manifestations. Woerner is sure that they will be safe at the south pole of the Moon, which is a place of permanent darkness, with the possibility of also finding water.

Why such activity on the Moon?

The Moon cannot be owned. The ESA (European Space Agency) considers the Moon to be an international place and as there are many nations with different purposes, the possibilities also vary.

Other countries will try mining the Moon for resources and others will only have the pleasure of visiting it. In this case, it won’t be a place of exclusive activities. Given this, the village will be opened for whoever has the possibility of reaching it.

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