Politico is reporting that the Democratic Party movers and shakers are sending a clear message to Bernie Sanders. The message is, you have made your point, but now it’s time to bend the knee, tug the forelock, and get on the Hillary Clinton train. From a math perspective, the Democratic establishment is correct. Clinton, using her superior organization and a lot of money, has muscled her way to most of the delegates she needs to lock up the nomination. The polls do not look good for Sanders pulling off an upset.

The second worst nightmare scenario, aside from the one that has Hillary Clinton arrested and perp worked off the podium at the national convention, involves Sanders fighting it out all the way to the convention, making a fiery speech that is ten times better than anything than the nominee is capable of delivering, and then going home without an endorsement.

The legions of young, entitlement-addled millennials who have gone delirious over the aging socialist and his promises of free stuff stay home. Then Ted Cruz or Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

The problem is, Sanders likely doesn’t care. He is not a Democratic Party loyalist. He is listed as an independent in the Senate. From his perspective, Clinton is just as bad as Trump or Cruz. If he loses, the race will pit a morally challenged, corporate shill against a Republican. Why should Sanders get behind Clinton? He is building a movement that, he thinks, will sooner or later bring about a socialist government in the United States. Besides, Clinton could get indicted, which would leave Sanders the only man left standing, at least until Joe Biden is dragged out of the on-deck circle.

The Democratic Party establishment can point to polling data that suggests that Americans will vote for a Muslim or an atheist for president before they would vote for an avowed socialist. To most Americans, “socialism” evokes the Gulag and officious bureaucrats telling people who to do. The problem is, to Bernie Sanders, the term means the America could be some kind of mythical paradise in Scandinavia where everybody gets free education and health care, and nobody gets too filthy rich.

Not enough people are that deluded to elect Sanders president, hence the need for him to get out of the race.

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