We owe it to The Daily Mail; the publication is persistent and creative. What it isn't, though, is intelligent. Here we go, another day and another lie by the famously right-wing and misogynist tabloid about the Material Girl Madonna. We have witnessed at least one (sometimes more) proven lie a day for the last few weeks about the Queen of Touring. It looks like it can not stomach that her sold out Rebel Heart Tour has increased her lead as the most successful solo touring act in history. We know that behind the stories is a dark right-wing agenda to undermine a champion of liberalism and human rights.

What's the latest lie?

Allegedly, a gentleman called Mike Merendan, from Perth, Australia, bought platinum tickets to see the artist in Sydney, but he was not happy because there was a camera arm in front of him. As I know the Daily Mail is famous for inventing stories about her, and I am honestly a bit tired to see its pathetic lies appear in my Google searches, I looked into it to expose the publication.

What is our proof?

To start, the photograph is not from the platinum area, which is around the cross of the stage, but from the lower tier. This could be just one of its famous hyperboles. It struck me that this Mr Merendan had a strange surname. Thus, I went on Ancestry.com, Colson and Weck genealogy archive and, surprise, surprise, no Merendans seem to have ever lived in Australia (nor does the surname appear anywhere else.

It made its first appearance today in this very article of The Daily Mail).

The fact that The Daily Mail is more fiction than reality has long been known, but I think it is becoming sloppy or cheeky, whichever you prefer.

This follows a long string of lies, including pictures taken long before the -- I repeat, sold out – show started to lie to us and tell us that the arena was half empty, but in its colossal ignorance, it didn’t even notice that the lights were not on, and the curtain was down.

Anyone can go on YouTube and check the thousands of videos of the tour and not find an empty seat, but The Daily Mail thinks we are all stupid.

This also follows a declaration by Madonna’s management (and I have proof of this myself) that the tabloids were offering to pay people to spread slander about the Rebel Heart Tour.

We know that the right-wing gutter press hates anything to do with rebellion and with hearts, but I would suggest publications start writing “Once upon a time” at the beginning of each of their articles, at least, their fairy tales would be entertaining.

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