Millennials have developed a well-deserved reputation for being entitlement-addled and favoring an expansive government that delivers social services. Millennials represented a core constituency for Barack Obama when he first ran for the presidency in 2008. Young people are flocking to Bernie Sanders in droves, enraptured by the venerable socialist’s message of free health care and free college.

Are millennials the leading edge of a wave of liberalism? Hot Air, citing the Washington Post and the Atlantic, doesn’t think so. Indeed, millennials are just repeating the pattern of previous generations, baby boomers and Generation Xers where it comes to political attitudes.

The younger generation tends to be liberal on social issues until the moment they start making money. When they have income that will be taxed away to pay for big government, they suddenly see the virtues of shrinking the size of the state and keeping a lid on taxes.

A real-world example of how this works occurred in 2011 during the Occupy Wall Street era, as CNN related at the time. A young woman named Tracy Postert found herself among the protestors at Zuccotti Park when, tired at being jeered at by passerby to get a job, changed her protest sign to “Job Wanted.” To make a long story short Postert, who has a doctorate in biochemistry, got a job at a Wall Street investment firm researching biotech companies. The last that was heard about her was that she planned to become a broker, transitioning from the aggrieved 99 percent to the wealthy one percent.

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The phenomenon suggests a solution for politicians seeking to excise the youth vote from the Democrats. Instead of promising free stuff, promise them good paying jobs so that they can get what their want on their own dime. The more millennials who have jobs and start making money, the more they veer to the right. Ted Cruz, take note,

The trick is convincing enough young people, crushed by college loan debt, who are still living with their parents because they can’t find meaningful work, which the path out of their predicament resides within themselves, with government’s role being to get out of the way and remove barriers to success. However, it worked before. The hippies of the 1960s became the Reagan supporting yuppies of the 1980s.