As the spring draws nigh, Donald Trump, the businessman and media personality turned presidential candidate, is considered in many quarters to be all that is wrong about politics. Bernie Sanders supporters have taken to violently disrupting Trump campaign rallies. On the other side of the political spectrum, Republican movers and shakers are scheming to deny Trump the nomination by any means necessary, even if it means supporting Senator Ted Cruz. So, the logical consequence of this state of affairs is that comparing any other politician to Donald Trump is the worst insult one can devise short of violating Godwin’s law and bringing in Adolf Hitler.


Ted Cruz went there on Meet the Press when he suggested that President Barack Obama is just like Trump in that he is a “world-class demagogue.”

Some might not think the comparison to be very fair. Obama can famously read a speech very well off of a teleprompter. Trump’s speeches are gems of free association, stream of consciousness sentence fragments as he jumps from one point to the other and back again with surprising ease, sometimes repeating the same phrase three or four times in the same paragraph.

However, the crowds of Trump supporters eat it up, so it doesn’t really matter.

Another way President Obama is different from Trump is that in 2008 he ran on the uplifting themes of “hope and change.” He offered only a hint of the iron-fisted politics he intended to pursue, such as when he promised to bankrupt the coal industry and told Joe the Plumber that he needed to get used to the idea of income redistribution.

Trump, on the other hand, has put on the iron fist from the very beginning and is waving it around willy-nilly like a berserker Viking.


Kick out the illegals. Keep out the Muslim. Build the wall. Tear up the trade deals. Some have suggested that he doesn’t mean it, but he is going there anyway, secure in the knowledge that a great many Americans are as mad as hell and do not propose to take it anymore. The sad thing is that Trump, were he to gain the Oval Office, would not likely satisfy the wrath of the American people. Then he would become a target of outrage, just like Obama did when the Tea Party arose from Middle American to shake the foundation of the political system.

But, by then, it would be too late.