Proof positive that a sea change in brewing in the race for the Republican nomination contest is brewing came in the form of a new Marquette Law School Poll. The poll of likely Republican voters shows that Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas has pulled away from Donald Trump in Wisconsin. Cruz is polling at 40 percent and Trump at 30 percent. Ohio Gov. John Kasich takes up the rear at 21 percent.

The reason for the Cruz surge is not hard to understand.


Trump has been thrown off message by a number of scandals surrounding his campaign’s treatment of women. He threatened Heidi Cruz, the wife of his main rival, and then tweeted an unflattering picture of the lady next to a more sultry one of his own wife. He is alleged to have planted a story in the National Enquirer that claims that Cruz has had a least five mistresses. His fans then attacked Amanda Carpenter, a CNN analyst and Cruz supporter, when she denied being one of the mistresses.


Finally, Trump’s campaign manager has been charged with battery due to his grabbing by the arm of Michelle Fields, then a reporter for Breitbart, at a campaign event. Trump has doubled down by defending the man and claiming the incident never took place though a videotape suggests that it does.

In the meantime, Cruz gets to be the sane and reasonable alternative. CNN’s Anderson Cooper attempted to pin Cruz down on some of his more controversial policy proposals at a televised townhall, such as patrolling Muslim neighborhoods and carpet bombing ISIS.

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Donald Trump

Cruz adroitly employed the old politician’s trick of answering the question that he wanted to have been asked whether the one that was asked, defusing Cooper’s attempt at forcing him into an embarrassing corner.

Trump, through his tendency to scream and leap at the slightest provocation, finds himself talking about and defending his misogyny rather than issues that have proven to be of help to him, such as illegal immigration and the outsourcing of American jobs.

Hence, he seems to be killing his presidential aspirations out of his own mouth, as nemesis follows hubris in a Greek tragedy.  

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