The bizarre and increasingly unseemly open war between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over the former’s escalating insults against the latter’s wife Heidi involved Cruz calling Trump a “sniveling coward” for a tweet that showed an unflattering picture of Ms. Cruz next to a more sultry one of the current Ms. Trump. Cruz went on at length about how Trump is consumed by fear that keeps him up late at night hate tweeting his main political rival’s wife. Some have also noted that Cruz has challenged Trump to a one on one debate moderated by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly which the mercurial real estate tycoon has thus far declined to accept.


The brouhaha started when an anti-Trump superpac posted a semi-nude picture of Trump’s wife that graced the cover of GQ UK in 2000. Trump then responded by threatening to “spill the beans” about Heidi Cruz, whatever that means. The matter has just escalated from there.

Trump’s anger management and impulse control issues, coupled with his problems with strong women like Megyn Kelly (who took time out from her vacation to tweet a condemnation of Trump), Carly Fiorina, and now Heidi Cruz may reveal a deep seated psychological disorder on the part of Trump.

The behavior has opened up a yawning gender gap between Trump and Hillary Clinton that bodes ill for the former’s prospects for the fall campaign.

The increasingly outlandish behavior by Donald Trump has thus far not blunted his momentum. His followers seem to be unmoved by the quality of their candidate and the slim likelihood of his being elected. However, fence sitters and the undecided must be watching the spectacle of the first openly boorish candidate to run for president and must be making their own conclusions.


No woman and no man who appreciates women could, in good conscience, vote for Trump given the man’s middle school behavior.

Ted Cruz, who seemed to be properly outraged in defense of his wife, may benefit from a sympathy vote in the upcoming primary contests. If that happens, then Trump will have destroyed his prospects of gaining the Republican nomination out of his own mouth at the very moment that many thought he is on the brink of winning the prize.