Mainstream media obsesses, Bernie Sanders wins

While mainstream media continues to pummel Republican candidates with the sarcastic rocks of their own biased yet jaded journalism, relatively little media attention is being paid to the Democratic Party and its candidates. Due to an egregious lack of integrity within the ranks of liberal-minded mainstream media, citizen journalism is on the rise because we also critique embedded Democrats who think they know best how to redistribute middle-class and working-class citizens' wealth. 

To that end, this analysis of Bernie Sanders -- Socialist Independent-turned-Democrat-for-political-expediency opponent of the sure-to-be-nominated (if-not-indicted) Hillary Rodham Clinton, was born.

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Tonight, Alaska felt the Bern in a landslide. Later tonight, if Hawaii and Washington go for the Silver-haired Socialist, it still won't mean a thing.

Bernie Sanders can't really win

To start, let's be honest – Bernard Sanders has the same chance of being elected president of the United States as Fidel Castro or one of the Iranian ayatollahs for who Barack Obama is so strikingly smitten. While the United States has been greatly weakened by welfare-not-work, benefits-not-Dads Socialist agendas akin to Mr.

Sanders' proposals, the country is not ready to admit so by electing the self-advertised junkie for redistribution. Sanders is an aging icon for U.S. communism straight out of 1960's Hippydom, not the watered-down Socialism the Democratic Party has shoved through the back door along with an unsustainable deficit; that's Clinton's bag. Under the current gaggle of Democratic Party leadership, the US has bent over backwards to be politically correct in foreign policy and to ensure that everybody has a cell phone and a Snap Card, but the odds of finding an American flag manufactured in the USA are as remote as the FBI finding  "Made in USA" engraved on Clinton's private/Public/State Department email server.

Clinton owns mainstream media, superdelegates

Still, Mrs. Clinton, the Tammy Wynette of first ladies, has not swept her constituents off their two left feet with her sleep-and-scream campaign.

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Tonight, in Washington and Hawaii, where few public polls have been conducted but failure to be politically correct is considered a social felony, Sanders is banking on support from the bluest of blue hoods, where words like socialism and communism are considered high praise in many circles. No states are holding Republican primaries, which gives mainstream journalists more time to figure out how to disguise their snide, hateful remarks about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz In "political reports."

For Sanders, catching party-anointed Clinton's delegate count is like a greyhound trying to catch the electric rabbit at the track. Nevertheless, to avoid public ridicule, the Vermont-based party switcher must get a hand on Clinton's colorful Deco-era firefighter jacket by staying competitive out West. If by sometime after midnight Bernie Sanders isn't declared the winner of these Western caucuses, he will quickly become a footnote in Election 2016 history.

While Republican candidate Donald Trump is on the campaign trail saying that he may stop oil purchases from Saudi Arabia unless they send their own soldiers to fight ISIS in the Middle East, Bernie Sanders is promising free college and massive government job programs to train workers in the US.

Where Sanders' visions are dim and his words hard to understand, is where all those jobs to employ all those millions of subsidy-trained Americans would come from.

The one sure take away from tonight's three state caucuses is that, regarding the Democratic Party's coronation of Hillary Clinton, who wins, won't matter -- she owns the Superdelegates lock, stock and barrel -- now if the FBI would only relent.