I grew up with Superman and Batman comics. To get the newest comic books I used to walk a mile in snow up to my knees. Not really. But I would walk more than a mile as a kid to the nearest drug store every Saturday morning to get that week's newest edition in the series. For a whopping 10 cents. No, I didn't save them. We rolled them up and used them for flyswatters. Shows to go you how farsighted I was.

I did save all my baseball cards - Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Nolan Ryan, Steve Carlton, Bob Fisk ... rookie cards. These cards paid for my advanced education. But I digress.

Hanging out with super heroes

On a lazy Saturday afternoon after dropping my daughter and wife off at a local jewelry show I decided I would try to outspend them at a local movie theater. You really do need a credit card and the ability to make payments to buy a movie ticket, popcorn and a drink ... and something sweet to balance the salty taste.

I remember the first Christopher Reeves Superman when he really did look like he was flying. The special effects have come a long way.


I am so sorry I glanced at a review that a friend wrote. I would have loved to have been surprised by the appearance of Wonder Woman. Very easy on the eyes. Compared to Doomsday, pretty easy to do. She was way cool!

I won't tell you who won the fight. But Lois Lane cried at the end if that helps.

I will tell you who is going to save the world in the end, however.

California Saves the World

It's us. It's us Californians. All we have to do is return our 3D glasses outside the theater entrance.

We love saving the world here.

Our problem is we can't decide on how to do it. Not long ago it was decided to put a high-speed train from San Jose to LA. The purpose of the train was to cut down on all the emissions from cars going up and down I-5. Problem is, we have to tear down some trees to do it. But the tree huggers don't want is to tear down trees to save more trees.

Go figure.

Maybe Superman, or Batman, or Wonder Woman or Doomsday dude can help. Where's a super hero when you really need them?

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