I have written many articles, promoted them heavily and then ended up with a great repertoire of great material. My biggest concern is that the news of the day has put some solopreneurs in a bad light. This simply means that I have recently seen some older solopreneurs get caught up in a scheme that has ended up with very little return for the amount of dollars put out on Facebook Ads.

Hype and Opportunities

The hype of getting to customers through other people's viral content is not new. As a matter of fact, there are many black hat ideas out there all based on the fervor of possibilities. If the seller can tap into your mind and show what seems too good to be true, then the wallet comes out and the payment is made.

Once the solopreneur starts to work on the project, very little happens and they wonder why.

Little happens because the original product needs more add-ons. This means the opening of the wallet a few more times. Now I don't want people to stop buying ideas, but I do want them to work through all the issues of using a new product or service.

I am sure that most solopreneurs want the easy way out. In other words, want to find a way to minimize work and get maximum return. I am on that bandwagon as well, however, I do understand that there has to be work and a system to make anything payoff. Learn as much as you possibly can before making a purchase, even if there is pressure and a time deadline to buy in immediately.

That buy-in can cost you more than your money.

Due Diligence

Check out the company, the people behind the products and services, and if it is at all feasible, check out others who have used the products or services.

Attending presales webinars or presentations will tell you a lot about what is being offered.

Don't let that offer take you off the beaten track, stay focused on your own business and if the product or service fits with your own fervor of possibilities, then spend the money to enhance your current situation.

For the rest of us, yes, we want to make money online, and we want to work the system in a way that yields the best ROI.

I don't want to waste my time and money on something that does not work, why should you?

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