Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and former vice presidential candidate, took to her Facebook page to savage Sen. Ted Cruz for suggesting that Donald Trump supporters are “low information voters” and are “disengaged.” The irony is bitter indeed to those who have admired both Palin and Cruz. Palin, after all, supported Cruz’s campaign for the Senate in 2012 at a crucial time. Cruz has ever since graciously credited Palin for his having been elected to the Senate.


So, why the vitriol from the Mamma Grizzly toward a man who, by almost every measure, is her ideological and cultural soul mate? The answer may lay in Trump’s almost Sith lord like powers to motivate people to support him when by all standards they ought not to.

A great number of evangelical Christians support Trump, despite the fact that he has openly boasted of his various adulteries. One thing that can be said about Bill Clinton is that at least he had enough of a sense of shame to try to deny cheating on his wife, Hillary.


A number of economic conservative like Trump even though he refuses to touch entitlement spending, the main driver of the federal budget deficit, and has used eminent domain in creative ways to advance his business interest, in one case to try to steal an elderly widow’s home.

Foreign policy hawks support Trump even though at one time he suggested that he would order the United States military to commit war crimes, by conducting torture and going after the families of terrorists.

Trump is at once a vulgarian and a misogynist, which makes the straight laced lady from Alaska’s support of him even more puzzling. Palin has been the subject of a great many sexist attacks from the left. That Trump would turn on her with equal savagery should she ever offend him in any way is certain.

Low information? Disengaged? To coin a phrase, you betcha.

Sarah Palin’s story has transformed into a Greek tragedy.

At one point, in the run up to the 2012 election cycle, she toyed with the idea of running for the presidency. She might have won, all things considered, and, in any case, would have done no worse than Mitt Romney, the eventual nominee. In 2010 and 2014 she was instrumental in electing a number of conservatives to the House, Senate, and governorships.

Unless, somehow, Trump is elected president, Palin has destroyed herself as a political force.


She has strayed to the dark side, and there is likely no way back for her.  

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