Have you already done your due diligence and listened carefully to what the candidates have really been saying? What did you find in the behaviors, gestures and words of each? Do you like what you see, or do you only accept what you'd otherwise consider to be unacceptable, because you do not like candidate X, so you simply support the other one without a clear reason?

No election and candidates are the same. Stop and listen, so that you can uncover the true story of today’s election and to unmask the true face of each 2016 Presidential candidate.

Take a quick leap in time to review the past two debates: in Nevada and in South Carolina.


What did you notice? Personally, I noticed one big thing: on the Republican side, we have been witnessing playground of third graders, a circus, and not a platform where candidates present their views, visions, and strategies to their constituencies.

This race is not only about years of political experience, Ivy League schools, and the candidates' last names. It all comes down to on- and off-stage presence, and to what an excerpt from "Speeches that changed the World" calls "a profound sense of the solemn representing a nation goaded beyond its endurance." For all of us, Republicans and Democrats, it is and always should be vitally important to imagine how each candidate will handle domestic policies, and represent our nation before international communities.

Today is Super Tuesday. Ask yourself some important questions: do I know all the facts about candidates and their policies? Do I really agree with what they say and how they represent themselves? During his inaugural address, Thomas Jefferson stated "Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself.


Can he, then be trusted with the government of others?"

The candidates as I see them

  1. Bernie Sanders a progressive democrat, with a hard to define ideological group. Is he a democratic socialist or social Democrat? 
  2. Hillary Clinton an accomplished, highly experienced political personality, who is already highly respected and known on both international and domestic political and social stages.
  3. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are two highly conservative Republicans with little or no experience on global issues, a lot of all to well-known slogans, rather than answers to the question "how"?
  4. John Kasich is also a highly conservative Republican, whose presence in this race is very much dimmed by ongoing clashes and public offenses among other candidates.
  5. Ben Carson is still in the race. A conservative Republican, who may be the election's most trustworthy candidate, a nice neighbor from the next door, but unfortunately, he lacks strong strategy and energy to remain active in this race.
  6. Donald Trump is a conservative candidate, whose blurred slogans sound like slogans from his own TV shows, including "Stupid people negotiate our trade bills, and trade won't work."

Whom do you trust then?

Are you going to support a candidate who makes a lot of noise, but presents no content, or will you stand by a candidate who maybe is not a perfect one, but still represents integrity, security, and professionalism? Be mindful. Listen carefully.

Do not believe or hang on simple rhetoric and empty promises. Do not assume. Do not be part of a circus. Ask the right questions. Be active and not passive. Find the answers and then vote. Good luck!