During a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted under questioning that her department has discussed the possibility of bringing a civil action against energy companies for “denying” the theory of climate change. She compared the possibility to successful suits brought against tobacco companies for concealing the harmful effects of cigarette smoking.

The controversy surrounding the concept of human caused climate change has been contentious, to say the least.


The theory states that CO2 emissions from fossil fuel plants and automobiles are causing a greenhouse effect that is gradually raising the temperature of the Earth. The Obama administration accepts this theory as fact and is advocating draconian measures to curtail the emissions of greenhouse gasses and the development of renewable energy.

Skeptics of human caused climate change point to data that has demonstrated that the prediction of global warming based on computer models have proven to be overblown.

Climate is a much more complex subject than drawing a straight line correlating the amount of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere to the Earth’s temperature.

Climate change or, as some call it, global warming has long since passed from the realm of scientific inquiry to political combat. Adherents of the theory have long since abandoned attempts to advance their position through argument and reason and have started to use sterner measures. The strategy includes massaging raw data of the Earth’s temperature to fit the theory that the Earth is warming, intimidating skeptical scientists and journalists, sometimes through lawsuits as has happened to Mark Steyn, and outright lies.


The canard that “97 percent of climate scientists agree with the theory of climate change” has been refuted as often as it has been repeated.

The American public have persisted in being skeptical of climate change, not the least because the theory is being used to push policies that would be harmful. Ending fossil fuels by government fiat would cause untold economic disruption, skyrocketing energy costs, and unnecessary suffering and death.

The fact that using the might and majesty of the federal government to, in effect, silence skeptics of human caused climate change is even being discussed should be bone chilling.

Punishing people and entities for their beliefs is not something done in a republic such as the United States. The concept is most often favored in tyrannical regimes, such as Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or parts of the world would sharia law dominates.

In theory, both the Congress and the courts should rein in an overreaching justice department that wants to use state power to silence political opponents of the Obama administration. But the ultimate check on such power consists of the voters.


Americans should keep that in mind when going to the polls this November.