Understandably, the 2016 run for the White House is hot news, not to mention, Donald Trump’s electrically-charged political rallies that showcase a consistent level of physical violence. Yet, all this grittiness seems to trump, for lack of a better term, any other interesting bits of news going on in the world.

Gee, is there any other news going on in the world?

Well, there is the recent suicide bomb in Turkey. Uh, too violent. Then, there was the ever-suspenseful chase of that terrorist that took part in the Paris terror attacks, which was scary, but reassuring, after he was caught.


Still, that story, as well as others, seems to be more of the usual, since the dreaded ISIS has become a household name in the world. Yet, a curious intellectual, like me, should see all of these, as well as other attention-getting events going on in the news and be glued to the TV screen like a bored housewife watching an episode of “As the World Turns.” Unfortunately, it’s more like, “As My Stomach Turns,” and yes, I am bored to tears and feeling queasy, as I flip the channel.

Dull news in the headlines/Image:Wikimedia
Dull news in the headlines/Image:Wikimedia

As if things couldn’t get any worse, I hit the internet and catch wind of Bristol Palin.  I suppose, like mother, like daughter. They just love the media and can’t avoid a camera.  I see the headline, however, and avoid the story. So much for interesting stories and bright commentaries. I start clicking around other news websites, looking for a “different” story.

Finally, a breath of fresh air!

I end up in the “Weird News” section looking for my “different” story, something refreshing.  I scroll past a story about a baby panda that playfully eats a camera.


The story is absolutely adorable - that is, until the camera panned to the back of its throat. Okay, that was gross.  Next story. This was a good one, an interview featuring comedian Gilbert Gottfried providing hilarious commentary about Donald Trump’s personality, and how much warmer Adolf Hitler actually is, in comparison. Mr. Gottfried is one of my favorite comedians and he didn’t fail to deliver. I got a good hoot and the video ended with me feeling much better.

Humor always helps take the edge off.

But, I still needed another one, a good story to get me going with the rest of my newsy day.  Finally, I clicked on a news video of complete relevance. This was a short bit, about 60 seconds long, that did more for me than any other news story I would see for the rest of my day. I nearly fell out of my chair in tears! The title was catchy enough…

“This product does wonders for your cat’s butt”

I thought, “wow, they finally created something to keep a cat from licking his butt.”  Astounding, and yet, unheard of.


How did they do it? As I started into it, I found out that the invention was actually a jewel on a loop that would hang off the cat’s tail and cover its butthole. I thought, “now, that’s what I call creative, British ingenuity!” 

What. The. Heck.

Enough fun, now onward

It just goes to show that it doesn’t take much to get a curious intellectual, like myself, to fall in love with the planet again. Needless to say, the cat story made my day and I ended up reading more of the serious news stories on the Huff.


When I finished there, I cruised into Blasting News.

I suppose, sometimes, all you need is a good primer to kick things off on the daily quest for the not-so-usual news. I must confess, I am gagging on the Presidential race, already. Now, back to Donald whatshisface…

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