We like to fight in California. I didn't even know this fight was taking place until the outcome was announced.

I can see the billboards now.

"Sick and tired of living? Try dying. Money back guaranteed. All you have to do is ask."

California Joins 5 States

California joins Oregon, Washington, Montana and Vermont to become the 5th state to allow patients, is that what they are called? To ask a doctor to help them die.

What about the Hippocratic Oath?

I can remember as a kid thinking of ways I'd kill myself. I thought it'd be interesting if there were a murder where police couldn't find the killer. It was then I learned about suicide.

I didn't want to commit suicide.

  • I had a brother-in-law who sat in his garage with a hose from the exhaust pipe routed to the interior of the car.
  • Another brother-in-law killed himself with his car, drunk and fast, into a telephone pole.
  • My brother killed himself drunk on a motorcycle when he couldn't navigate a turn.
  • My sister killed herself sitting home drunk in a chair. The house caught fire and she couldn't even walk 2 steps to safety.

Isn't this a happy article?

People Are Cheering for Death

So, why are people cheering in California when they are told they can die?

I have not lived with a terminally ill, suffering person. I can't speak from the experience. It is naive of me to say outright that what these people think is foolish.

I do think it is wrong.

Life is a gift. Anything we do to disown, to toss aside, to refuse a gift can't be right.

Choosing to end a life might be acceptable. It might make sense at times. But I can't see when it would ever be right.

Selfishness in Disguise

The sick and dying are not the only ones who suffer.

There are loved ones, too.

The sick and dying may under the guise of preserving dignity say they want to die. The loved one under the guise of compassion may say they will drive them to the doctor. Something is still being hidden underneath.

I am an unashamed Christian. I do not apologize for that. I don't intend, nor do I have the right to impose my convictions on you or anyone else.

I do, however, reserve the right to think that when someone hurts so badly they want to die, there is something more than physical pain that is aching within.

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